Saturday, 29 March 2014

Victimas of Acid Attack-' Laxmi' Isnt she pretty

Image courtesy -L'Oreal Paris Femina Women Award 2014
This beautiful girl was only 15/16 when one of her friend;s brother threw acid on her at busy hour in a bus stop. Dont ask the question why... the answer is well known. She refused to accept his love proposal. Love well off course he was allegedly a 32 yrs  matured man... proposing a teenager.  She is completely disfigured. Her life was shattered but momentarily... unlike other victims of these gruesome heinous crime she didnt lose hope...she is a born fighter. It took seven long years to get the justice. She started a tireless campaign against usage of acid for violence. Finally the apex court intervenes and directed the union government to regulate the  sale  of acid.
The first Lady of the US of A Mrs Michelle Obama on her recent visit to India felicitated Laxmi for her courage and determination. She also won the International Women of Courage Award for successfully leading the campaign against acid attacks on women in India.
By the way this is how she looks without make up

This is her page in FB ... do like her and support her.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Beware of your Copassenger in Metro he/she may be a Pickpocket

Read an amazing article about pick pockets in Kolkata Metro... I guess we all have some preconceived notions about the pickpockets.. i.e. they all look more or less like Nawajuddin Siddiqui in Munna Bhai MBBS

But the fact is altogether different.
  1. Firstly them dont operate alone but always in a group of not less than four.
  2. Secondly they dress well and speak fluent English (ignore the grammatical mistakes). 
  3. Thirdly they carry Laptop (or the empty bag) just to give you the impression of being a student or a hot shot techie.
  4.  Fourthly they carry smart phone with a ear phone. You think they are listening to music with occasional grooving but actually he is simply listening to instructions from his partners.
One of them selects the prey at the ticket counter mostly and sends the instructions accordingly to his partner in crime, literally ;) Second one follows the prey and boards the same compartment along with third and fourth accomplice. Third one distracts the prey and the fourth one does the job. Finally second and third one helps the fourth one to a safe escape.

By the way the gang of four mostly targets middle aged men, who stands before the ladies seats and exhibits their costly smart phones in order to impress the girls.... ROFL :P

If anything ever happens to you in Kolkata Metro or any other Metros dont forget to lodge a complaint. People hardly lodge complaints and it simply boosts  their(pick pockets) morals.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Female Infanticide the worst Epidemic so far...

India and China... two most populous countries... two arch rivals.... two super powers of the so called third world...every year countless money has been spent in the defense sector to confront each other but deep down both the countries are fatally affected by an epidemic.... no its not AIDS.... not even cancer... its female foeticide and female infanticide. Enough has been written about the foeticide and decreasing sex ratio of India. But the picture is equally serious in China too.

The tradition of killing female infants is very old in China may be thousands of year old. Various travelogue of christian Missionaries have confirmed this. There is Chinese word  called Ni nu... which means drowning girls. Babies are simply drowned in most cases by their mothers. If the woman hesitates to do so she is forced to do so by her husband, in laws even by her parents... the baby is drowned in the sink full of blood and water.... if the mother fails to do this heinous crime the mid wives would do it. The baby is immersed in water and is being hold forcefully until she stopes moving..... nightmarish isn't it. D.E. Mungello had written a book on this in 2008 called " Drowning Girls of China". Frankly speaking I don't have the guts to read it........ I'm too terrified.     

By the way there are/ were other technics too... like starvation putting pressure in the appropriate places so  that the infant suffocates to death, mostly performed by the mid wives.... technics  like  exposing the baby to elements.. by placing it in a basket and by hanging the basket from a tree.... the baby shouts but nobody pays attention not even the passerby.. eventually the baby starves to death... though I doubt whether its practiced any more (source Google and Wikipedia).

In order to restrain the high growth of population the Chinese Government declared the famous/ infamous " One Couple One Child Policy" on 25th September 1980... it only added fuel to the fire... the aftermath was nothing but a genocide... watching the dreaded  sex ratio the Government finally amended the policy in 1984 by allowing those couple who have a female first borne to have another issue. This was practically of very little help.

In the Twenty First century the Chinese Government set up few baby hatches... a baby hatch is a place where unwilling couple may abandon their child that too anonimously. They are to drop the baby in a basket and ring a bell. After ten minutes the trained medical staff of that hatch come out and pick the baby up. Abandoned babies receives proper care and medical attention. Currently there are around 25 such hatches. It will be 75 within a few years.An article in the Times of India caught my eyes couple of days ago.. it says that the such an hatch was shut down by the authorities. Because 262 babies were dumped within a few weeks. The hatch was opened in the end of January 2014 by the way.

Scary or what??????????

Monday, 17 March 2014

Kangna the New Queen of Bollywood

This film Queen has apparently set all social networking sites in fire.... received accolades from all most all film critic through out the country. Released on the eve of Women's day along with multi starer Gulab Gang... it was not even a dark horse... no body counted on it... their is no super star in this film except Lady Amir Khan..oopse Kangna Ranaut.... but she wasn't a super star... not even a star of Madhuri's stature.... still its an instant hit.... Kanghna was better than the best... though its an author backed role still she is fantabulous...... intact each and every single character was portrayed so beautifully.... I was awestruck. The story is very simple the extraordinary journey of an ordinary behenji type woman. A middle class typical good girl Rani... she followed every rule by heart.... obeyed every single thing said  by her parents. She is in a long term relationship with a guy Vijay and they are about to get married. She is going through the happiest phase of her life.... suddenly her fiancée calls off the wedding.. Rani had accumulated every single penny for her honeymoon in Paris and in Amsterdam...
After the mishap she decides to go to her honeymoon alone....... here begins that journey that ultimately changes her to a superlative degree..... do watch it. Rather its a must watch. One last thing Lisa Hayden and the guy who played Vijay was fab ....

'Kahani' Revisited - A heart wrecking story... Priya Semwal The true Woman of Substance

Have you seen Kahani??? It’s a Hindi film… released in 2012. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh…. Vidya Balan in lead role…. This is the story of a ordinary woman… her husband was an intelligent service officer, who was murdered in a terrorist attack… she loses her baby too at the same time. She is totally shattered… loses all hope… her life becomes meaningless… until she meets her husbands boss Captain Pratap Bajpayee (Darshan Jariwala), who gives her the strength to fight back and find the perpetrator…. After that what happened is nothing but box office history. Vidya has become a star overnight. No one ever expected that a film with just a heroine and bunch of not so famous (even fresher) actors could do so well in box office.
Source -Google

Enough filmy gossip lets get back to reality… sometime truth is indeed stranger that fiction. Priya Semwal ,was an under graduate when she got married to an army man Naik Amit Sharma in 2006. Amit Sharma was not only a great soldier but also an excellent husband. He always encouraged and motivated Priya to finish her studies. She did PG in Mathematics in the mean time they had a daughter named Khwahish…. Life was beautiful… until her husband was killed in an counter insurgency operation in the hilly region of Arunachal Pradesh in 2012…. Khwahish was only four years old back then.

Everything changed… she was totally traumatized…. On the verge of breaking down she met her husbands boss Colonel Arun Agarwal. He inspired her to face the challenge and become an army officer. Colnel Agarwals proposals were not accepted easily. After lot of hesitation she decided to follow her slain husbands path.

She made the head lines few days ago as one of the newly recruited army officers…. None of the slain army men’s wife has made it so far. She is a unique one…. Her photos with Khawahish(daughter) somehow make my eyes moist whenever I see… it’s the warmth… the love… the passion… Im short of words… all I can say she paid the best possible tribute to her martyr husband. Lady you are a champ… Im sure Naik Amit Sharma is very proud of you wherever he is now…….

What can I say Kahani revisited huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Priya Semwal who was commissioned as an officer into the Corps of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) of the Army, with her daughter Khwahish, after the ceremonial passing out parade at the Officers Training Academy in Chennai. Photo: M. PrabhuPrira with Khawahish (Photo Courtesy The Hindu )

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Happy birth day to Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and a big salute to Mr K. Unnikrishnan..... like father like son

Happy Holi everyone. This morning is full of colours... social networking sites are flooded with photos of men/women/children immersed in assorted colours.... happy and gay... but amidst all these post what caught my was that yesterday i.e. 15th March was the birth day of our national hero Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. We all remember him right??? He is the 31 year old NSG man who sacrificed his live in a fierce battle at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai during November 2008.

Major Unnikrishnana born on 15th March 1977... an only child.. his father was an retired ISRO officer. What a brave man he is... like father like son I must say. After Major Unnikrishanan's death whole nation mourned for him and for other martyrs.... his funeral was over crowded but sadly not a single representative of the Kerala Government attended the rituals.... few days back after much hue and cry in the media, the then Chief Minister of Kerala V. S. Achuthanandan went to meet the parents of the slain Major. Sandeep's father K. Unnikrishnan was so angry that he asked them to leave. He even threatened to commit suicide if any politician from Kerala entered his home. He said, "No dog would enter my house".Later, V. S. Achuthanandan told media that had it not been for Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, not even a dog would have visited his parents' house.
 This again invited harsh criticism from the media and public.But, Achuthanandan stated that he would not apologize to the Major's family.

But finally he said or rather had to say that he respects the slain Major's family.

“Do not come up, I will handle them”, were the last words of Major Unnikrishnan to his men as he was hit by bullets. He was awarded with Ashok Chakra, the highest peace time gallantry award of India on 26.01.2009

A big salute to Major Sandeep Unnikrishanan and to his father Sir K Unnikrishnan.... what a man.

  Mr. K. Unnikrishnan, speaking to the press reporters at his residence

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Holi at Vrindaban

Holi, the Hindu festival of colors will be celebrated throughout India on 16th and 17th of  March,  2014. Vrindaban is a town in Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh....the place has its own mythological significance. It is believed that lord Krishna was raised in this very place by his foster parents Nanda and Yashoda. His famous love story with Radha also blossomed here. this is an important Hindu pilgrimage site from time immemorial. Vrindaban has tens of hundreds of temples and ashramas. this pious place has a very sad heritage....Hindu widows mostly Bengali widows are brought and abandoned here.... Poor old ladies, literally penniless roam around the city .... begging is the only source of livelihood for these poor creatures .... some of them are lucky to get employed by the temple authorities for cleaning of the temples and the premises. My father visited Vrindaban when he was in college... he was so traumatized after meeting some of them...even this day he flatly refuses to visit Vrindaban again.... he often says that he doesn't have the guts to face any of the poor ladies again.

Here are few photograph of these poor women playing Holi and enjoying themselves. A great initiative by The Times Of India. Loved to see them smile... Im kinda overwhelmed. We all have parents/in laws. some of them are very old but the very idea of abandoning them .... is quite scary.... worse than a nightmare.....  .May God showers them with love and warmth.Photo Courtesy The Times of Inda


Petition for leniency filed by the accused in the Nirbjaya gang rape case.... summarily rejected by the Delhi High Court

Hope you remember the heinous rape of a 23 year old paramedic in a school bus in Delhi that shook each and every sane human beings through out the globe, since as per law the name of the victim couldn't be published so the media christened her with various names like Nirbhya/ Damini and so on. Though her family had no objection. In fact her parents wanted us to know her by her real name i.e. Jyoti. But she is still known as Nirbhaya (the fearless).

The brutal rape enraged Delhites so much that they burst with strong protest through out the city demanding capital punishments for the accused.  All the rapists were duly arrested. But unfortunately one of the rapist were minor. Though as per Nirbhaya's final statement he was the one who shoved that iron rod into her( through her vagina), the fatal blow that ultimately killed her. It was also reported that while shoving the rod he uttered , " sali mar( die, you bitch). Being a minor I.e. below 18 he was judged under Juvenile Justice Act and was awarded a mere imprisonment of two years only. Ironical isn't it?????

One of the other accused also claimed to be a minor but he claim was summarily rejected. In the middle of the proceedings one accused committed suicide. Whole country waited with  bated breath and finally justice was delivered that too in time. All the accused were sentenced to death. It was like an untimely dewali.... every true Indian was elated.

Anyway the accused filed a petition at the Delhi High Court and prayed for leniency.  But yesterday their prayer was rejected by calling it rarest of rare in nature.... now they'll apply to the Supreme Court. Its not that we have any personal rivalry with them..... capita punishment to a handful rapist will never solve the issue .... more and more women were raped after the fretful incident... but still something is better than nothing.... we want justice. Justice for her ... for every single victim... in every nook and corner of the world.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Is being over friendly with the opposite sex a crime!!!!!!

Remember the incident in Birbhum district of West Bengal, where a tribal girl was heckled, tortured and gang raped by the who's
Who of the society.... her only fault was that she had been in a relationship with a non tribal guy. Every sane human being was trembled with disgust. What really amazed me that not a single woman from the village stood by her. There was sheer apathy towards her.... they even claimed that the victim had very lose morals and faked the incident... However the medical report told an altogether different story. A woman/ girl may be over friendly....with guys I mean..... she may be a husband snatcher... but we live in a civilised society not a medieval one.... we just can't judge them from our point of view and pronounce a harsh verdict... that too like imposing a huge fine or in worst cases rape..... what the hell is going on?????

It seems that it was not a stray incident... something like that happened again .. this time near Patna, the Capital of Bihar. This time the victim is a teenager  of 13 years. After her parents demise she is been raised by her grand parents. She has been caught by the local people .... by the way she was merely having  chitchat with a boy. They were both beaten... huge fine of Rs. 12/13 thousand was imposed... the boys family promised to pay in installments.... but there was no one to pay for her. This enraged locals so much that they decided to banish her from the village. Her face was tarnished and she was forced to board an auto.

Luckily some woman co-passenger noticed her condition and took her to police. Police took prompt action. Few people were arrested but even the administration is in jeopardy.... they are sceptical about sending her home... as the natives simply loath her.

Feel so sorry for her.... wish I could do something for her or other such victims.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What's happening!!!!! Hey mor durvaga desh

Gosh!!! What's happening to my motherland. First Guwahati and now its Mumbai.... a girl is openly harassed and stripped, well almost, in broad day light by Janata.
Do you remember what happened in Guwahati,  few months back???? Two young girls merely 16 or 17 years of age were chased by  a rowdy mob as soon as they came out of a pub/ nightclub. One of the girls ran away. But the other one was caught. After that what happened was captured by a cameraman from a news channel and went viral. She was slapped.. stripped... molested.... burnt with cigarette.... whenever she cried public jeered at her.... as if she was some silly plaything. No one came to aid her until police arrived. The cameraman didn't even try to help her, rather he filmed the whole incident. Irony personified
Let's get back to Mumbai. Two girls were on a auto rickshaw. Suddenly they realised that they were out of money. They requested the autowala to bear with them. One of the girls went to borrow money from one of her relative. But when she didn't return within the stipulated time fixed by the autowala.... he started to heckle the poor girl. She handed him over her cell but he wanted his money. The heated argument between them attracted local hooligans playing street cricket.... scared girl started running but was caught and kicked, slapped, heckled, stripped.... and off course molested. She barged into a restaurant but was shooed away.... she tried to board another auto but was pulled out of it.... god knows what could happen when a bike rider and a police man rescued her.
Hats off to Mumbai police.... they convinced her to press charges... initially she had refused to do so. They even captured 3 people associated with the heinous crime.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Women silently fighting for their rights

Women's day is over. Mother's day is coming. Our society has changed a lot. These days women are treated with more respect. They are more aware of their rights. Even a domestic help knows what is gender equality though she may not know the exact term. I'm not talking about the metropolitans only but also about the rural India. Here is a story read in a Bengali daily, Ei samay ....... I was completely awe struck by the courage and tenacity of that girl.

Some where in south 24 Parganas she lives with her 5 year old boy. She is 18 by the way. She lost her father at a very young age. Her mother was a domestic help. Poor lady, the mother had to leave for work every morning in order to earn bread for the family. The girl was in School and a good student, I mean not a very brilliant one but still..... one day in her mother's absence at the age of  mere 12 she was raped by a neighbour. She was threatened with dire consequences. Being scared she didn't share with anybody until she was pregnant.

Local kangaroo court asked her to abort the illegitimate child and the rapist was ordered to bear the expenditure for the abortion...... can you believe it?????? Even her mother and brother agreed with the verdict.... but she refused to obey the verdict. That was the beginning of the true ordeal. They were out casted. A police complaint was finally launched. The bloody paedophile was arrested. Despite the social stigma she gave birth to her boy. She had to bid goodbye to her school. They were forced to leave their village.

The irony is that the rapist was acquitted and even got married. But the victim is still single, leaving in lurch with her mother and son. The boy is admitted to a School. Being a single mother she has to work hard.

Hats off to her!!!!!! What a lady!!!!! She still dreams....

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Happy women's day

Happy women's day. On this day I would like to remind you once again the Bhowri devi incident of Rajasthan. Bhowri Devi was brutally raped,gang raped to be precise, why because she simply tried to stop child marriage. Astonishingly none of the accused were punished. Yes each and every rapist were acquitted. This enraged some NGO named Bishaka. They suo moto filed a lawsuit against harassment of women at workplaces as a result the famous Bishaka Guidelines come into force. Bishaka guidelines are thing of the past. After the Nirbhaya incident Sextual harassment Act, 2013 came into force.

Sounds cliche huh!!! Okay fine. Let's talk about Linkan Subudhi, an Oria techi from Noida. She teaches slum children at Noida in her spare time. One day she came to know that one of her students, a 11 years old girl was about to get married. She ran to stop her family from doing this and you know what? She is brutally beaten even stabbed.

Justice has not delivered yet.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Marry One Get One Free.

Elections have been declared... whole country is gearing up.Speculations are in the air. Every single page of every newspaper is full of election related news. But amidst these hustle and bustle something caught my eyes in today's Anandabazar Patrika.

This place is called Duttapukur in North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, where a minor girl was raped few days after the infamous Kamduni incident took place in the very same district. When the poor mother took her raped minor daughter to the Duttapukur Police Station to lodge an FIR they were forcefully convinced that it was just a mere mistake. Momentary impulse. In order to correct his misdeed the boy was keen to marry her...on that day that very place...I mean in the P.S. A Marriage Registrar was called and ignoring the fact that she was a minor then he did his job. The rapist and the rape victim was declared as Men & Wife. No one month notice was served though. Happy ending right????????? Total Filmy !!!!!!!!!!

But the real ordeal started after the marriage. Oh I forgot to mention that the rapist was a 22 years old engineering student, as reported. Suddenly he found his older sister in law very attractive. He wanted to sleep with her too. But one ooopsssss! Marry one and get one get free.huh!!!!!! Anyways he sent so many obscene messages to her through Whats-app. A gizmo rapist I must say. But  all his proposals of making love were refused with disdain. Then he started torturing his wife both mentally and physically  who was expecting by the way.

Poor mother went to police station with both her daughters..... but the police was more interested in a conciliation... finally on their appeal Hon'ble High Court has intervened and the accused is arrested.

I dont know how long they would be able to fight. In our country the general approach is its  nothing domestic problems. God save them.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

sau chuhe khake billi haj ko chali.......

Mr N.D. Tewari........what a scumbag, disgusting person you are. Even at the age of 84, being the Governor of a State, you tarnished the pious image of Rajbhavan by sleeping with three girls at a time. You cried foul after being caught. You slept with someone... became the father of her son but again denied your paternity. When he filed a lawsuit you refused to go through the DNA mapping even. When it was proved that he is your biological child, what did you say, "I have every right to live my life my way. No one has the right to look into my private life." And what happened now??? sau chuhe khake billi haj ko chali?

The Mistress Of the Game- Sidney Sheldon & Tilly Bagshaw

This is the sequel of the Master of the Game. I haven’t read the prequel, so was bit sceptic at the beginning. But after reading hardly 2/3 pages I completely forgot that. The story is more or less the same. The struggle for power, for the chairmanship of the business empire of Kruger- Brent. Mighty Kate Blackwell is dead, leaving behind her two grand daughters Alex and Eve. Alex is happily married to Peter Templeton and their son Robbie is the legal heir of the Kruger-Bent. The ugly scheming Eve is unhappily married to a Doc. Keith. Both the sisters conceives but Alex dies after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl “Lexi”. Lexi Templeton is the main protagonist…. She is the Mistress of the game. She has a turbulent childhood. The death of Alex shatters Peter…. He sinks into liquor…the warmth of father-son relationship has long gone…they become complete stranger to each other… Robbie’s homosexuality adds insult to injury…But they both love Lexi unconditionally…. . Robbie feels suffocated…. He loves to explore life…. He has a strong passion for playing piano….. One day he leaves home leaving everything to his dear sister Lexi….

At the age of 8 only Lexi is kidnapped and is sexually harassed too. Though The FBI finally manages to save her but she loses her hearing capacity. Being a deaf woman would she be able to shoulder the responsibility.

Eve on the other hand has a son named Max. He carries Eve’s wicked legacy and hatred. He not only hates his cousins Robbie and Lexi but also hates his father Keith. The hatred is so intense that he kills his father at the age of 10 only.

Time flies. Both Max and Lexi grows up. They are each others toughest competitor. Hate each other openly but deep down something else is brewing. Is it Love, who knows?? What happens next??? Who finally gets Kruger-Brent……The book is full of twists and turns. Definitely a good book. Full of surprises. Crispy language. But some questions remain unanswered…. Like who was the mastermind behind Lexi’s kidnapping??? What happened to Eve??? She apparently loses her sanity then how come she knows everything???
Lastly I simply hated what happenes to Gabe’s wife Tara and his children… it was totally uncalled for. 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Chicken Sizzlers

Chicken Sizzlers at Peter Cat
  • Address: 18 Park St, Kolkata.West Bengal. India Phone: +91332229-8841