Friday, 28 February 2014

Chelo Kabab

Chelo Kabab is basically a Persian Dish.Authentic Chelo Kabab contains steamed rice and kabab. In Kolkata we ususally have a special variety of Chelo. We may call it Kalkacian Chelo. Its steamed Basmati with dollop of salted butter and a poached egg on top, alongwith two mutton Shammi Kabab and 4/5 pieces of Chicken Reshmi Kabab. Plus half baked tomato. you ever visit Kolkata... dont forget to visit Park Street and try this dish out at Peter Cat. Its simply mouth watering.

Thursday, 27 February 2014


This film has also got 10 Oscar nominations this year along with American Hustle…… including best film, best director, best actress (Sandra Bullock) etc. This is the story of Dr. Stone(Bullock), who is on her 1st space mission. She lost her daughter and after that she turns into a workaholic. She is accompanied by veteran astronaut Kowalski (George Clooney). One day while she is doing a maintenance job of the Hubble telescope suddenly they are directed to return to their spaceship and abort the mission instantly, as a Russian missile hit a satellite causing huge space debris which are about to hit them. Before they get back to their spaceship the debris hit it. Dr Stone  is detached from the shuttle and is thrown away. She lost in space. Cant contact anyone and Oxygen is also fast depleting. Kowalski finds her after sometime and together they space walk to their ship. But the high speed debris has already destroyed it, killing every astronauts. The only way to survive is to go to the Russian space station.. which is about 900 miles away. They must walk this distance that too before the debris strike back again….. it’s a high speed adventure drama. Watching this film in 3D is a visual delight….. all I wish is to see Clooney more. Im awe-struck. 5 out of 5.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dallas Buyers Club

Just see their transformation......... Hats off to them!!!!!

What a film!!! Probably the best film I watched in recent time. Mind boggling performances by both Mathew MacConaughey and Jared Leto. Based on a true story, Mathew is Ron Woodroof, an electrician who leaves a reckless life, full of booze, drugs and girls as a result he is detected with AIDS in 1985.  Doctors tell him that he has only 30 days left. He comes to know that there is a drug named AZT which is being administered to the HIV patients on trial basis at the critical stage, as AZT is still under research. He bribes a hospital staff to get the AZT. In the meantime all his friends deserted him. He is labelled as gay… though he is homophobic actually. He meets a gay transvestite Rayon (Jared Leto) at hospital. Jared Leto has already bagged the Golden Globe for best supporting actor for this role. He is surely going to win the Oscar too. What a performance… he’ll make you fall in love with this nagging bag of makeup….portrays every single emotion so beautifully.
Ron (Mathew) drives to Mexico and meets a doc over there, who tells him that AZT is highly poisonous and kills almost every living cell it comes in contact with. He treats Ron with some indigenous medicine of his own and Ron gets better. After three months he drives back to USA with huge supply of the medicine. He in partnership with Rayon (Leto) opens a forum named Dallas Buyers Club and sales those medicines to the AIDS patients. Lots of AIDS patients quits using AZT, this somehow concerns the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), of USA. They confiscate all the drugs. Thus starts the battle between FDA and bunch of AIDS patients lead by Ron.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

American Hustle

After the grand success of Silver Linings Playbook, David Russell is back with American Hustle… it already bagged 10 Oscar Nominations this year like Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best actor & actress in a supporting roles and so on. Christian Bale is simply fantastic. He is hardly recognisable with baldness and beer-belly, Bradly Cooper is simply an eye-candy…Amy Adams is stunning…showed lot of skin.. guys do check her out. Jenifer Lawrence did full justice to her role. But im disappointed. It is inspired by some FBI scam of 70s… but to me it is simply inspired by Bunty & Bubbly. Yes the story is about a fraud businessman Irving(Bale) married to an highly unpredictable, annoying woman (Jenifer) who is nothing but a bag of make-up. They have a son. He wants to get rid of her but she threatens him with dire consequences. In a pool party he meets Sydney (Adams) and they fall in love. Together they strike the resonance in business i.e. cheating. In such an operation they are arrested by an FBI agent(Cooper)… Cooper wants their help to frame some hot-shot politicians including the Mayor. In the next course of action Bale comes really close to the Mayor and surprisingly finds him a very good man with a heart of gold. In the mean time a steamy relationship starts to grow between Cooper and Adams. Now Bale has to save not only his dear friend the Mayor but also his lady love. Amy Adams already won the Golden Globe for the best actress in musical & comedy. Jenifer Lawrence won the same for best supporting actress in Drama/Musical & Comedy. But somehow I fail to like the film its like old wine in a new bottle.

Monday, 24 February 2014

The Wolf of the Wall Street

This film has left me spellbound. Leonardo is simply marveled. He portrayed so many shades…so many emotions… you are bound to be awe-struck. This is the story of Jordan Belfort some hot-shot share broker of 90s who was known as the Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan is born & brought up in a middle class family and is married to a hair dresser. After his wedding he joins a share trading company at Wall Street. He impresses his boss at the very first instance and as a result receives two mantra of sustention in the Wall Street… namely Cocaine  & S**. Within a few months Jordan is promoted as a broker in the same farm but the Black Monday swipes everything away. He loses his job. Becomes penniless. Im not going to reveal what happens after that all I can say is that one thing leads to another and he finally opens a farm with a bunch of geeks and nerds and becomes filthy rich. Divorces his wife and marries a super model…then things turns up side down again when FBI starts suspecting him and his farm for illegal trading and money laundry.
 It’s a must must must watch. Leo has already bagged the Golden Globe for best actor Im sure he is going to get the Oscar as well. Keeping my finger crossed.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga

Yesss! I read it and that too in a week only. Being a thriller buff, I’m so scared off serious fiction… rather I was… But this book has totally won me over. Narrating a very grim story in such a humorous way left me awe-struck. The language is simple and crispy. The book contains 8 letters written by Ashok Sharma, a hot-shot entrepreneur from Bangalore to the Chinese Premier Mr. Wen Jiabao, before his impending visit to the Silicon Valley of India. The story is basically the metamorphosis of a village boy ‘Munna’ to the triumphant entrepreneur Ashok Sharma. He belonged to a remote village ‘Lakhsmangarh’ in Gaya district of Bihar, where his father was a rickshaw-puller. Lost his mother at childhood. He was admitted in a School, where the masterji re-christened him as Balram. Balaram had to drop-out from School to work in a tea stall. After his fathers untimely death he had to shift to Dhanbad. Dhanbad changed him a lot. He became  a driver and got a job at the home of the local landlord. He was having a descent life when one of his masters Mr Ashoke took him to Delhi. Delhi played the bad part and destroyed the innocence. He became cunning, greedy and  corrupted to the soul. Finally one day he slit the throat of his master Mr. Ashoke , who was very fond of him by the way and ran away with Rs. 7 Lakh.
Some people may complain that the book has shown India in a bad light. But we cant deny the facts. There is a dark India we hardly know about. I personally feel that the author has shown both the +ve & -ve points about our country. You may give it a shot, if  haven’t read it already. In short I had good time.